Rewarding Healthy Lifestyles

What is health coin?

Health Coin is a rewards based program focused on providing members with real health services they can use everyday. We have partnered with Vspry the digital health bank to create a real alternative to expensive private health insurance.

Our platform due to launch in 2019 will include;

  • Digital wallet to track and record health coins earnt.
  • Transfer points from major credit card loyalty programs to health coin.
  • Any one in Australia can earn and redeem health coin, including your pet!
  • Points earned per dollar spent on credit/debit card or through digital wallet. Extra points when spending at preferred providers and rewarding making health choices.
  • Points can be redeemed for health services, vouchers etc.
  • Rewards will include Dental Care, Optical, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Veterinary care, Remedial massage, Acupuncture and any other health related service including gym memberships etc.
  • Rewards may also be redeemed at health related retail stores
  • Health Coin members are also entitled to discounted health services by paying with their digital wallet. This would occur if they have not accumulated enough points to redeem vouchers/services. They will only be eligible for a discount at preferred providers.
  • Immediate family members are eligible for discounts when parent/partner pays with digital wallet.
  • Accessibility of health services for low income earners –utilise credit/debit card for ordinary household expenses and earn health coin.

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